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Burlington, Vermont

November 17, 2016
burlington, vermont, sunset

After the conference in Toronto we headed toward Montreal.  We crossed the border back into the states with a landing point of Burlington, Vermont. We were only there for one night, but Burlington kind of won my heart.

How could you not love that sunset though? Burlington is the epitome of a picturesque college town. We only walked by the campus but it looked as beautiful as the rest of the town. It probably didn’t take us more than 30 minutes to walk from our hotel all the way to the waterfront.

burlington, vermont, downtown

Downtown Burlington

There was a big festival going on in the waterfront park, likely a welcome back to school event, it was August after all. The main street through town (AKA Main Street) was lined with beautiful boutique shops and bars, and I was reminded of Dickson Street in my own college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The square wasn’t far from the water and was complete with musicians, ice cream vendors, beautiful lights, and plenty of shops.

burlington, vermont, downtown

The Church at the top of the Square.

We had dinner at The Vermont Pub and Brewery, and I have to give their IPA 5 stars. The food was great too and it was a perfect evening to enjoy their patio.

After we were done walking around, we ended up at Nectar’s because I mistakenly thought it was a brewery for some reason. See, there’s a reason Kyle does all the trip planning! But all’s well that ends well – there happened to be a really great band playing there that night, Abbie Morin. Probably the best show we have ever just happened upon. As in, we would go out of our way to see them again – so if she’s ever close to you don’t miss the show! But that did cost us our Vermont brewery shirts. Pretty sure that just means we have to go back sometime soon.

We didn’t end up with very many pictures from Vermont, which is kind of a shame. It is, hands down, the most beautiful state I’ve ever been to. We drove through pretty much the entire state, so I’m not just referring to Burlington. Next time we will definitely carve out some time to go hiking somewhere in the state.

burlington, vermont, sunset

Vermont is officially home to the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen. My heart has always had a soft spot for small towns, but Burlington is my favorite one so far.

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  • Reply Vicki Msall November 17, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    Live going in mini vacations with ya’ll. Beautiful.

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