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Ramadan in Kuwait

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed as a month of fasting. This year is our first experience with Ramadan in Kuwait. The start of Ramadan varies as it’s… { read more }

May 25, 2017
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Importing Your Pet to Kuwait

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Roxy is here with us in Kuwait! Getting her here was a bit of a process so I wanted to go through the steps of importing… { read more }

January 26, 2017
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Obtaining a Kuwait Visa as a Spouse

One really great thing about moving to Kuwait is that I was able to move here at the same time as Kyle. For many countries, spouses have to wait 1-3 months before they are… { read more }

January 12, 2017
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Life in Kuwait

Today marks 7 weeks as expats so I just wanted to give a quick update on how life in Kuwait is going. Kyle is in the full swing of professing his knowledge at the… { read more }

October 13, 2016
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Welcome to Kuwait

Hello and welcome to Nutritionista Abroad! Thank you for stopping by to read my first ever blog post. I’m Sheli and I decided to start a blog because we (the husband and I) just moved… { read more }

August 29, 2016