Southeast Asia

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Pink Dolphin Tour in Khanom, Thailand

During our month in Khanom we chose to do one guided tour. Khanom is most famous for their pink dolphins, which are extremely rare. These dolphins are not to be confused with pink river… { read more }

July 20, 2017
koh phananag, thailand, full moon, full moon party

The Original Full Moon Party

When in Thailand for a full month, there’s no excuse to not attend the Original Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. In the 60’s a group of backpackers started the party on the same… { read more }

June 22, 2017
khanom, thailand, sunset, beach

Khanom, Thailand

We decided to spend one month in Khanom, Thailand for our summer break. We’re at the half way point of our trip and we’re having a great time. Khanom and Thailand in general is… { read more }

June 15, 2017