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Goa, India

March 9, 2017
goa, india, anjuna beach, travel

After a great weekend in Mumbai, we headed to Anjuna Beach in North Goa, India for the rest of Kyle’s spring break. North Goa has a reputation for being a bit of a party haven, but that certainly was not the case when we were there.

We arrived after dark and took an hour-long taxi ride to our cottage. That part was a little scary at times! Luckily, we made it there alive. Kyle decided to pay extra for the air conditioning and thank goodness for that, because it did get pretty hot! The cottage was fine but the shower left a bit to be desired. The water was definitely always cold . . . if you were lucky enough to get any water at all! No wi-fi in the rooms but it was available at the restaurant.

From the cottages you could walk through a bar area to a dining area with a beautiful sea view. The food was great, we had breakfast there a couple of times and the owner was very nice. The beach is lined with the similar restaurant/bar terraces with sea views and accompanying cottages on the other side.

goa, india, anjuna beach, travel

Tantra Beach Huts – so glad we did NOT stay here! You know you’re old when all you can picture is falling to your death while trying to go to the bathroom!

We arrived on a Sunday at almost 9PM and checked into our room. Then we headed next door to Cafe Lilliput to grab a beer. Just a few minutes after they brought it to us the server made his rounds for last call. We were quite confused, since we were expecting to be the “old” people calling it a night at midnight.

We asked several questions. First, was last call at 10 because it was Sunday? Nope, 10 PM all week. Ok, well, is last call at 10 only here and other places are still open? Nope, no alcohol is be served after 10PM in all of Anjuna. Then we asked why, and the only answer we got was that the police go around checking each place.

A few Google searches later, we discovered that Goa was holding elections on February 4th. For reasons to do with bribery and mafia related issues, the order for the alcohol restriction was enacted from January 6th until February 2nd. So, we, along with many other unsuspecting vacationers, were asleep by about 11PM every night! I’m not complaining, but it’s not the vacation we were expecting. Don’t judge us too much, we do live in a dry country and all.

goa, india, anjuna beach, travel

View from the SeaHorse Restaurant.

During the day, each restaurant puts out beach loungers. These are completely free of charge and have full service food and drinks. This is where we spent the majority of our week, just soaking up the sun. And I must pat myself on the back for finally doing an excellent job with the sun screen and not even getting the slightest bit burned.

Local Indian girls walk up and down between the beach chairs all day, selling jewelry, henna, massages, pedicures, and key-chains. It eventually becomes a bit much. They will certainly remember you from day-to-day though.

goa, india, anjuna beach, travel, sunset

The sunset from Guru.

During the week there we walked the entire length of the Anjuna beach. One evening we watched the sunset and had dinner at Guru Bar. And another evening we walked to Shiva Valley and spent some time at Curlies before last call.

goa, india, anjuna beach, travel

Curlies from the Beach.

We had some fantastic sea food as well as Indian food while we were there.

The Anjuna Market is a must. It’s held on Wednesdays and it’s massive! Any possible souvenir you could possibly want can be found there. We walked from our cottage but it would be a nice moped ride. It got pretty hot walking around so take water with you.  And make sure you have plenty of cash – the ATM is a fair distance away.

goa, india, anjuna beach, travel, anjuna market

A very small piece of the Anjuna Market

Goa was a great, relaxing, total beach vacation. I’m sure any other month it would have been a different experience though. So far, out of every country we’ve been to, my favorite souvenirs have come from Goa!


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