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Khanom, Thailand

June 15, 2017
khanom, thailand, sunset, beach

We decided to spend one month in Khanom, Thailand for our summer break. We’re at the half way point of our trip and we’re having a great time. Khanom and Thailand in general is amazingly affordable. We’ve been able to get a lot of work in and have still had plenty of beach and exploration time.

Getting There

We flew through Bahrain from Kuwait to Bangkok’s BKK. From there, we took a free shuttle to Bangkok’s other airport – Don Mueang (DMK), which is about an hour away. The free shuttle is located just outside area 3 at BKK. There’s a desk located outside, all you need to do is provide them with your boarding pass. From DMK we flew to Nakhon Si Thammarat (NST). Flying to NST happened to work out better for us timing wise; however, Khanom is equally close to Surat Thani (URT). From NST we took a cab about one hour to Khanom. The cab cost 1,100 baht, which about $32 USD.

Where to Stay

We found our cottage through Airbnb and we love it! Our host is a very nice Thai woman, who brings us fresh mangoes and bananas as they ripen. The cottage is small, but perfect for a month. One bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. The kitchen includes a two burner stove, microwave, rice cooker, electric water boiler, toaster, and refrigerator. An electric and a charcoal grill are available on request.

khanom, thailand, cottages, massage

Our cute cottage.

We’ll pay for the electric and water we use at the end of the month. We don’t anticipate these costing much. The small space is easily cooled. There are separate air conditioners in the bedroom and living area, so it’s easy to section off a/c use.

The woman who owns the cottage is extremely helpful. She arranged for our moped rental for the month (4,000 baht) and they delivered it to the cottage. She also took us to the grocery store and showed us around the town on our first day. But, in addition to all of that, she is an amazing masseuse and specializes in rehabilitating injuries. She has a massage building next to her home, which is on the same property as the cottages. She charges 450 bhat for an hour-long, heavenly session and it might be the best money I’ve ever spent. Even if you don’t stay in these cottages, come here for a massage. She’s highly regarded among the locals and tourists alike.

The family directly behind the cottages does laundry for a very reasonable price and has it back to you within 24 hours.

The Beach

Our cottage is a very short walk away from the beach. The almost completely empty beach is sandy and the water is warm, which is perfect in my opinion. The only other people we usually see while we’re there are fishermen who walk their nets out into the water in circles and drag them up to shore. They move down the beach pretty quickly so they aren’t even there for more than about 15 minutes. There aren’t any waves here though, so this is definitely not a surfing spot. The water is weirdly shallow for a pretty long distance. You have to walk a fair way out for it to even start getting above your waist.

khanom, thailand, beach

Sometimes it rains. But it takes rain to make rainbows!

What We Brought

We did bring beach mats and towels and I’m glad we did. I’m sure they can be found somewhere here but I’m so glad we didn’t have to hunt for them. We brought a collapsible cooler and a portable speaker to take to the beach. Small flashlights for walking on the beach at night have been handy. Bringing our own sunscreen and bug spray has been a big plus as well. I know both are available here and inexpensive but it’s definitely good to have your own.  You can check out what food we brought with us here.

What We Wish We’d Brought

We’ve decided to invest in some small, collapsible beach chairs after this trip. We haven’t seen any for sale anywhere, probably because most people here don’t spend much time at the beach. It also would have been nice to have brought at least one knife with us. I was afraid the ones in our cottage wouldn’t be able to handle a pineapple, but I was happily surprised. Still, one knife for a month trip would have been great. We also should have brought some of our own spices. We haven’t been able to find any of our go-to spices anywhere. Since we’re cooking so much of our own food, it would have been a nice addition to our packing list.

About Khanom

There’s really just one main road with all of the shops, pharmacy, and most markets right on it. There are some restaurants there but there are also a lot along the beach. One thing I absolutely love about Khanom is that pretty much every restaurant offers free taxi service to and from the restaurant. This was absolutely lovely on our first night, before we got the moped. If we ever want to go out for lunch or dinner and it’s raining we’ll definitely use that service again! There are also several great spots within walking distance on the beach.

Khanom, thailand, food, market

Would try these delicious looking bugs?

As far as the rain goes, in June, it’s rained maybe 5 times within the past 15 days. At least 3 of those times were in the evening and the other 2 were during the day. You can definitely see the storm clouds coming but we’ve been caught out in the rain twice. One morning while exploring for waterfalls it started pouring. Let me just say, being on a moped in the pouring rain is not fun. At all.

On Saturday evenings they close down part of the main road for a huge market. The food here is absolutely amazing. So many things I’ve never seen before. Like gourmet bugs. We usually try a few foods and pick up some fruit from the market. This week we’re planning to go hungry though and my mouth is already watering.

It’s easy to get a ferry from here to several of the Thai islands but I recommend taking a cab to the piers. When Google gives estimated travel times, they are for cars and not mopeds!

Khanom has been a perfect escape from Kuwait and I’m sad our month is already half over. I’ll have several more posts about our adventures in Thailand over the next few weeks!

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  • Reply Caitlin Pickett | Yoga Instructor July 24, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Oh wow! This is paradise!! I hadn’t even heard of this place when I was in Thailand last year!!! Stunning photos!!

    Also I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award over on my website here:
    xo, C

    • Reply Sheli July 25, 2017 at 11:24 am

      Hi Caitlin – you are so sweet!! I’m so honored that you thought of me! Next time you’re in Thailand you have to check out Khanom and our next trip we’ll actually make it to Koh Samui 🙂

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