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Luxembourg City is Beyond Charming

January 5, 2017
Luxembourg city, Europe, travel

Luxembourg was the first of 4 stops on our winter break. Every time some one asked where we were going they were always surprised by Luxembourg. ‘Why would you want to go there?’ and ‘No one ever goes to Luxembourg’ and ‘Luxembourg is so small, there’s nothing to do there’ were all common responses. Thanks to this reaction, I didn’t have very high expectations for Luxembourg City.

The rest of our itinerary included Brussels, Amsterdam, and Prague. While each city was great and I had a wonderful time in all of them, I honestly think Luxembourg was my favorite.

We flew from Kuwait to Luxembourg after a short layover in Istanbul. The Luxembourg airport was completely covered in lights and Christmas decorations. We took a cab to our hostel, checked in, dropped off our bags, and headed off in search of dinner.

Luxembourg is truly a fairy tale city! The short walk from our hostel to one of the small Christmas Markets was stunning.

Luxembourg, Europe, travel, Christmas

It was the last night for the Christmas Market that was closest to us and I’m glad we didn’t miss it. There were lots of others enjoying the market, which was complete with a DJ. We enjoyed some MUCH anticipated mulled wine, had a delicious dinner from the vendors (macaroni and grilled cheese toastie, anyone??), and I even got my hands on an IPA. Heaven. This was also the warmest night of our entire trip – no hat, gloves, or scarf needed.

Christmas, christmas market, Europe, Luxembourg

The main Christmas Market

The next day was Christmas Eve. We headed out pretty early in the morning (9 AM is early when you’re on vacation, right?) and I think we had walked the entire city by noon. There were two larger Christmas markets near the center of the city with lots of people walking around. The largest one had live music and a big nativity scene.

We happened to walk by the Cathedral just as an organ concert was beginning, which was a great break from the walking. The beauty of the cathedral was an added bonus.Luxembourg, cathedral, concert, Christmas

No Christmas Eve is complete without a church service. Luckily, Kyle found a Christmas Eve service in English, complete with mulled wine and Christmas cookies. The next important matter was to locate an establishment with American football on, of course. Everyone we met was very friendly and hospitable, happy to have some tourist there!

On Christmas morning, we packed up and took another walk around the city on the way to the train station.

We were a little bummed that the Adolphe Bridge near the center of the city over a park was completely under construction. The city is full of so many parks and running trails and they are well used. I can definitely see how the city inspires people to spend time outside.

Luxembourg, architecture, ChristmasLater in our trip we discovered that General Patton is buried in the Luxembourg American Military Cemetery, along with 5,076 American soldiers who fell during the Second World War. If we had known this before our trip we certainly would have visited. Luxembourg is also a fantastic country for hiking. I would love to make it back there someday!


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