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Red Rice and Chili Lime Black Bean Burritos

September 12, 2016
vegan, lunch, dinner, burrito

It is possible that last weeks sad-week-treats helped jinx us and turn our luck around! These black bean burritos might have helped too, though.

As it turns out, Kyle got his passport back at the very last minute. Unfortunately, flight prices for a lot of ideal destinations (Greece was the original plan) sky rocketed between now and when we were first looking into a trip this week.

But, thanks to Kyle being the amazing trip planner that he is, we are going to spend a few days in Kazakhstan hiking in their gorgeous (according to google) National Parks, and then a couple of days in Dubai. So, when this post is published, that’s where we’ll be! Kazakhstan travel post soon to follow.

We still needed lunch for the rest of week so I looked for a recipe that could be easily frozen. That way after we get back we’ll have something ready go. No need to take a trip to the store and start from the beginning.

The last thing I want to think about as soon as I get home from vacation is cooking, so I always, always leave a few meals in the freezer before every trip. After being away from home and eating out for most of the vacation, ordering take out when we get home is not something I want to resort to.

Here in Kuwait though, eating out is a huge part of the culture. That’s going to take some getting used to when I start working with my patients. That’s right, I said ‘my patients’ because I have officially been hired by an awesome clinic.

I guess the cookies and muffins last week helped perk me up enough to land the best job and I can’t wait to start in October!

The freezer friendly recipe I decided on for this week is Red Rice and Chili Lime Black Bean Burritos. It’s vegan and gluten free, as long as you buy GF tortillas. Or, you could skip the tortillas altogether and have a delicious burrito bowl. I, of course, doubled this recipe.

For a minute there I was a little concerned all 4 cans of beans + onions wouldn’t fit in a regular skillet, but it did and I had no problem at all. I am sans potato masher though, but a fork did the job just fine.

So, here’s what didn’t go as planned with this recipe. I could not find cumin anywhere. This was very sad because I LOVE cumin, it is seriously one of my very favorite spices so I am really sad I have yet to locate some. Cumin would only make this recipe even better- but even without it’s still pretty dang good!

Next, there was the lime issue. The only limes in the entire store were tiny little things that looked like key limes. The sign said they are Egyptian limes. After circling the entire produce section 3 times looking for “normal” limes I finally gave up and bought the tiny ones. But. Those tiny little suckers have so.many.seeds. I mean, how there was even any room left for the lime pulp and juice is beyond me.

easy, vegan, lunch, dinner, burritos

So many tiny seeds!

Then, when I picked up the cans of black beans I told myself that I could NOT forget to also grab a can opener. But I forgot anyway. The next day, I had to walk back to a different store, search all over the entire thing for a can opener and finally find one in the last section of the store I looked.

That meant that by the time I walked back home and finished making lunch I was starving. So, as you can see in one of the pictures, 1-2 bites are missing from the burrito because I just couldn’t help myself.

It took me right at an hour to make the burritos, which included picking out a million tiny lime seeds, shredding the carrot, mashing the beans  with a fork, snapping a few photos, and eating 2 bites of the burrito.

There are a lot of reasons why I choose not to eat commercial meat, and I know everyone has their own reasons for choosing to eat in whatever way they do – pescaterian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, only meat, the list is endless. But, no matter what overall diet plan you subscribe yourself to, there is always room for a vegan meal.

You have my absolute promise that one vegan meal every day for a week will not kill you. If you make this recipe without doubling it then it only makes 4 servings. That wouldn’t even be an entire week. You can do it!! And why not start with this delicious burrito?

This recipe is from a really great blog by Deryn called Running on Real Food. Direct link to the recipe here.

If you really can’t handle the vegan-ness of this recipe you could always add a little cheese or greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). They would both mesh well with this recipe and at least you would be keeping it vegetarian : ) A little sriracha wouldn’t hurt either!

quick, easy, vegan, burrito, lunch, dinner

Quick and easy vegan lunch or dinner.

I originally thought it would be best to assemble the burritos before freezing. That would make it as easy as humanly possible to eat them when we got back. But then, I remembered how bad I am at wrapping the burritos without breaking the tortillas and getting them to hold together.

So, I moved onto plan B. Beans in one bowl, the rice in another, and the carrots and cilantro in their own bowls. This wouldn’t be ideal if you’re not planning to finish the burritos on consecutive days once you decide to remove it from the freezer. So if you are considering putting these away for a rainy day, choose whatever freezing method works for you.

I’ll let you all know how my method of freezing works out.

I bought 8 inch tortillas and there’s no way I’ll only get 8 burritos out of this recipe; I’ll probably end up with closer to 10-12.

Here is the nutrition breakdown for these tasty burritos:

If you stuff everything into 8 burritos – 476 calories, 7 gm fat, 83 gm carbs, 16 gm protein.

If you have more servings than 8 then everything will decrease depending on how many servings you end up with.

Let me know what you think about the burritos (or burrito bowls)!

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