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Petra, Jordan

April 13, 2017
petra, jordan, treasury, travel, middle east

Kyle’s parents came to visit us for spring break. After a few days in Kuwait, we all flew to Jordan for a week-long adventure. Kyle planned a jam-packed, amazing itinerary and didn’t waste one second of our time together. We definitely made the most of the long flight my in-laws had to endure to get all the way to the Middle East!

In preparation for our trip, Kyle decided to purchase the Jordan Pass. The pass includes the cost of the visa into Jordan plus admission to all of the Government run sites (although not everything is run by the Government – I believe we visited two private sites not covered by the pass) that you’ll want to visit. For our trip – with our expertly arranged itinerary – the pass was well worth it! We all started out with paper passes, but some got lost along the way – downloading the pass on our phones worked just as well.

We left Kuwait very early on a Friday morning and rented a car from the airport in Amman. As it turned out, the rental car ended up adding quite a bit of entertainment to our trip, as it was usually at least a 3 person job to squish everything + everyone into it.

After a two and a half hour car ride, we arrived at our hotel around 11 AM for our first stop, Petra. We were advised to go very early in the morning – as soon as it opened – to avoid crowds. So, our plan was to see as much of Petra as could that afternoon and then return the next morning.

I had no idea how expansive Petra is. I’m not entirely sure what it was I expected beyond the iconic Treasury, but what I got was SO much more.

petra, jordan, treasury, middle east, travel

The path to the Treasury.

The walk down to the Treasury is stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Of course, once we arrived at the Treasury, it too was beyond amazing. It definitely earns it’s place on the Seven Wonders of the World List.

From the Treasury though, Petra only continues to be even more impressive. The path leads through many landmarks of the ancient civilization, including churches, temples, tombs, amphitheaters, and finally, to the Monastery.

The path to the Monastery was quite a hike – be sure to have water with you, especially in the heat of the day. It is a truly stunning structure though and a must-see, as is the entirety of Petra. No photos or description can come close to matching the experience of walking through this amazing city.

petra, jordan, middle east, travel

View of the Monastery from above.

After hiking all the way up to the Monastery and back down, as well as all over the rest of Petra (not to mention that super early flight the very same morning!), we were pretty exhausted. And by pretty exhausted, I mean almost dead.

camel, petra, jordan, travel, middle east

Family camel ride!

Luckily, my father-in-law treated us all to a camel ride back from the Monastery to the Treasury, which is quite a ways! It was really fun and I can’t imagine how I would have survived walking back that entire way. Plus, we got some great photos when we made it back to the Treasury. Also, my camel, as pretty as he/she was, decided to snack on a magnet from one of the souvenir shops. It must have been tasty because he never spit it back out.

Another note on camels . . . they have absolutely no qualms about running humans over. So, when you’re walking around Petra taking in the sites and taking photos, don’t forget to look out for camels – they will not stop for you!

petra, cave, jordan, middle east, travelOnce we bid adieu to our long-legged friends, we still had to conquer the hike back up from the Treasury. After we finally made it back we popped into The Cave Bar for a couple of well deserved beers and an early dinner.

We so thoroughly explored Petra the first day that none of us felt the need to return the following morning. And I’m not sure I could have hiked to the Treasury and back a second day in a row! So, the next morning, we returned to Petra and spent some time in the visitor’s center and museum before choosing our souvenirs, piling back in the car, and heading to our next destination: Wadi Rum.

The story of our Jordan adventures will continue for the next two weeks – we packed so much in that I needed 4 posts to get through it all!

Photo credits are shared with the family – I think I used at least one from everyone.

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